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Founded in 1871, El Molino is one of the first wineries in Napa Valley and remains family owned and operated. Cellar conditions are ideal for the limited production of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay using traditional winemaking techniques.

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Founded in 1897 at the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, wine trading house Yvon Mau has built up unique expertise in Bordeaux wines. In the early 20th century, Yvon, the

founder’s son, would ride around the region on his penny-farthing bicycle (later to become the company’s symbol) in search of new wines.

Ever faithful to the land and village of its origins, Yvon Mau has grown to become one of the leading players in Bordeaux. A subsidiary of the Freixenet Group (the world’s 9th largest wine group) since 2001, the company now makes almost half its turnover in exports.

With over a century of expertise, a true passion for the Bordeaux wine region and the emphasis placed firmly on quality and creation, Yvon Mau has redefined the role of the Bordeaux trader and restored prestige to the profession. This strategy is reflected in the company’s brand development (Yvecourt, Premius…) but also in the creation of ranges of château wines (Esprit de Bordeaux, Révélations d’Hubert de Bouard…) showing the company’s ambition to move upmarket and the momentum in its drive for international expansion.

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Coho is the  aspiration of vintner Gary Lipp to produce flavorful, balanced wines. Grown in select cool-climate vineyards, Coho wines emphasize fruit purity and vitality. Gary has worked  for

California wineries for almost thirty-five years: involved in all aspects of the craft, acquiring the skills to bottle his passion.

The choice of Coho as the name of the brand might seem curious as it doesn’t invoke images of vineyards or wine, but to us the salmon embodies an innate wisdom so essential to understanding ourselves and our environment. As stewards of the land winemakers must strive to sustain our habitat and the species that share it. And like the salmon we need the steadfast will to keep going no matter how difficult the journey.

Founded in 2002, COHO makes wines that are easy to enjoy, full of flavor and reasonably priced. Coho has garnered recognition from the press, wine trade, and wine lovers for the qualityand value of our unique, vineyard-designated Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Merlot and  our Bordeaux Blend, HEADWATERS ™.

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Voted Top 100 Wines by James Suckling in 2016! 93 Points JS!

Founder Jayson Woodbridge always had a desire to make Pinot Noir. He contacted the owners of historic Stanly Ranch, in the Carneros appellation of Napa. He was shortly thereafter granted access to the very best blocks on the property to craft his wine. Inspired by his grandmother’s baking and the artwork of TR Colletta, Cherry Pie is at once a rich and layered, redolent of the flavors and aromas of something delicious and beautiful, being made with care.

In early 2008 while perusing New York’s Soho District, Jayson happened into the Campton Gallery during its exhibition of paintings by artist, TR Colletta. Colletta’s richly detailed paintings of everyday, distinctly American objects are at once familiar and remarkable, assuming an evocative, sculptural character. Jayson was particularly drawn to a compelling oil on canvas of a juicy, mouthwatering, hot-out-of-the-oven cherry pie. He instantly knew this was to be the label and the name for his Pinot Noir still in the barrel – Cherry Pie. 

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Cornerstone Cellars dates from 1991 which is when they released their first commercial vintage. The founders are two Memphis physicians, Michael Dragutsky and David Sloas (incidentally both are still practicing medicine). Today the winery is owned by Michael along with several investors from the Memphis area. Not only is their focus on the Napa Valley but in 2008 they started producing wine from Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Cornerstone is known for being extremely careful about its vineyard sources – three noted Napa area winemakers are involved closely with any vineyard sourcing decisions and low yield high quality vineyards are a must. Cornerstone grapes are fermented in small lots, typically aged 20-22 months in French Oak, 90% of which is new.

Today they concentrate on 100% Cabernet Sauvignons, one from three vineyards throughout the Napa Valley and the other strictly from Howell Mountain. The 2005 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon contains about a third fruit from three vineyards; Howell Mountain, Rutherford and Oakville. Fruit aromatics dominate the bouquet (rather then secondary oak characteristics) followed by a soft entry with a palate showing blackberry, cherry and hints of dark chocolate. The finish is slightly smoky and well structured.

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In 1979 Scott developed an ambitious winery plan for the Santino family. As Winemaker and General Manager of Santino Winery, Scott is credited with placing Amador County firmly on the California wine map. Crafting the best wines possible from the soils and climatic conditions of the region, Santino and later Renwood benefited from Scott’s German training and innovative style. Becoming one of the leading wineries in Amador County, and garnering critical acclaim, the wine world was paying attention. Amador County was now recognized as a world-class wine-growing appellation.


In 1996, Scott was recruited as Partner, Winemaker & President for newly purchased, Folie a Deux Winery in Napa Valley. Combining forces with Lead Partner, renowned Winemaker, Richard Peterson, Ph.D, a formidable winemaking team was launched. Scott pursued his commitment to award-winning Cabernets made from the Estate Vineyards in Napa Valley while continuing his passion for Amador County Zinfandel. Access to Scott’s original Grandpère vineyard in Amador County and close relationships with premier Amador County growers, resulted in award-winning wines all around for Folie a Deux. In addition, Scott’s creation, the “Menage a Trois” line of wines, was an instant commercial success. In 2004, Folie a Deux, now a respected brand, was sold to Sutter Home/Trinchero Winery.


Scott was finally positioned and ready to start his own venture, and he had the ideal partner – his wife, Jana, a wine industry veteran.

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All winemakers are shaped by their experiences, and the paths that have led them to their love of the grape. My personal journey has certainly shaped my sommelier’s palate, my gentle approach to winemaking, and the restrained, food-friendly style of my wines. I was born and raised in Denmark, and as the son of a chef and hotelier, food and wine have always been a passionate part of my life. I grew up in the service industry, and started working in my father’s kitchen at the age of 12. When I was older, I earned a degree in business sales and marketing, but food and wine were in my blood, and I soon began studying at the Kolding Hotel and Restaurant School. During my four-year apprenticeship there, I was very fortunate to work alongside Orla Farmann, the national champion for the Danish Sommelier World Cup Team. Orla helped me develop my palate, and further deepened my love of wine.

Over the next several years, my love of wine took me many places, from Alsace, Loire, Champagne and Burgundy to Spain and Italy. Those travels culminated in my certification as a European sommelier, and in 1997, I became the wine director at Kong Hans, Copenhagen’s first one-star Michelin guide restaurant. In time, my work at Kong Hans took me to California to scout out new wines for our list. I felt an immediate connection with California’s vibrant winemaking scene—both the quality of its wines and the freedom given to its winemakers.

In 1999, I moved to California to immerse myself in winemaking firsthand, and spent the next several years working days in wineries and nights as a sommelier. (My grape-stained fingers were part of the inspiration for the sommelier’s print.) At the same time, I complemented my practical experience by studying chemistry, viticulture and winemaking. My journey led me to Stuhlmuller Vineyards an acclaimed, family-run winery in the Alexander Valley, where I ultimately became winemaker in 2004—the same year I founded Leo Steen Wines.

Since then, I have worked to hone my craft, always with an eye towards that place where style and vineyard authenticity naturally meet. My classically trained European palate is a part of that equation. So is my appreciation for the charm and character of great California winemaking. As a result, I have developed a gentle approach that focuses more on natural yeasts, lower alcohols and less new oak. The winemaker in me thinks about the vineyards I am privileged to work with, and what I love about them. While my sommelier side reminds me that great wine finds is most elegant expression served alongside good food in the company of family and friends. I hope you find both sides of this philosophy realized in my wines.

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A Few Words From Mr Wonderful:

“I love wine. My stepfather, George, introduced me to wine and I have never looked back. In my life I have had the opportunity to drink first growth Bordeaux and Burgundy from the casks stored in the deep and dark caves of their original vineyards. I have visited almost every vintner in the Napa and Sonoma Valleys of California, sampling their spectacular wines. I have tried the wines of Cyprus, North Africa and many other great wine producing regions, all while standing amongst their vines.

I created O’Leary Fine Wines to help give Americans access to amazing wine at an amazing price. 97% of the wine sold in America is under $14.95 and yet almost all of it is not what I would drink. I don’t want to go blind when I drink wine; I want it to be a wonderful experience.

I would never put my name on a bottle that I wouldn’t drink myself and serve to friends and family.

After months of trial and error, working and reworking, our Chardonnay is close to perfect — I know that for me, it has already become my mainstay white wine for friends and family. And I love our Cabernet too — the arrogant audacity of its nose and its smooth and elegant approach on the palate blew me away when I first tried it.

I can’t wait for you to try O’Leary Fine Wines and see for yourself. I’m confident that as soon as you let one sip over your palate, you’ll agree it’s spectacular!”

- Kevin O'Leary

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Robert Storey has been an icon in the wine industry for four decades. He works with many acclaimed winemakers to craft wines using the finest grapes from some of the most highly acclaimed growing regions in California.

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Mockingbird Hill Winery is known for crafting some of the most delicious Zinfandel with high quality grapes from Dry Creek and Sonoma 

Valleys. The Winemaker is Jim Pedroncelli. 

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Jennifer Lea Tensley’s brand, Lea Wines, is focused on vineyard-designated Rosés and Pinot Noirs from Santa Barbara County.

Jennifer’s road to winemaking was not a direct one though her interest in wine started early. When she was twelve years old, her mother, a wine importer at the time, decided to move them to Paris for a year. It was an incredible learning experience that immersed Jennifer in French culture and the culture of winemaking. She met winemakers, toured wineries throughout France, and, like her French friends, began tasting the wines served with evening meals.

While Jennifer went on to pursue a career in broadcast journalism then a career as a TV and film writer in Los Angeles, her love of food and wine remained an important part of her life. She continued to make regular visits to France and, of course, to her home town of New Orleans which had also fostered her love of great cuisine paired with great wine.

In 2001 Jennifer moved to Santa Barbara County’s wine country, feeling that it would be a perfect opportunity to combine her two passions – wine and writing. The beautiful and peaceful countryside provided an idyllic creative setting and gave her an opportunity to start working with local wineries.

In 2002 she met up-and-coming winemaker Joey Tensley. The connection was immediate and by 2003 they were married and had a son, Oliver. Tensley Wines was and remains a relatively small, hands-on operation, and Jennifer spent a great deal of time working side by side with her husband. By 2005 she felt ready to launch her own brand.

Jennifer started Lea Wines with two vineyard-designated Rosés, a vineyard-designated Pinot Noir, and a Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir blend. True to the Tensley tradition, there is a simple philosophy behind her winemaking – get out of the way and let the vineyard speak for itself.

Check out our video on the 2014 Lea Santa Rita Hills Pinot Noir

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Vintner Barry Waitte founded Tamber Bey Vineyards in 1999, when he purchased a 60-acre vineyard in the Yountville Appellation and an 11-acre property in the renowned Oakville Appellation. This marked his entry into the wine business as a grower. Waitte planted three acres of premium Cabernet Sauvignon on the Oakville property, and this vineyard came to be called the Oakville Estate Vineyard.

Northern California native Barry Waitte developed his love for Napa Valley during annual summer visits with his parents. Waitte is a graduate of California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. He earned his MBA from the University of California—Berkeley and completed continued-education studies in viticulture and enology at University of California—Davis. Waitte currently serves on the Board of the Oakville Winegrowers Association. 

Tamber Bey Winemaker Andy Jones was born and raised in Jackson, Wyoming. His original career was in the restaurant business. His early restaurant experience led him to San Francisco and the California Culinary Academy, where he majored in hospitality and restaurant management. Following graduation, Andy helped open Solage Resort in Calistoga, where he was the assistant food and beverage manager.  While he was there, he met Winemaker Thomas Brown, and ultimately went to work for Thomas in 2008 at his Black Sears facility in Angwin. Thomas was Tamber Bey’s founding winemaker and is now consulting winemaker. Andy joined the winemaking team at Sundance Ranch as assistant winemaker to Thomas when the facility opened in 2013. He was promoted to director of winery operations in 2015 and to winemaker in 2017.

Check out our video on the 2015 Tamber Bey Yountville Red Blend

Since 1927, when John Pedroncelli, Sr. purchased vineyard and a small winery in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley, two elements remain unchanged: the exceptional place the Pedroncelli family farms vineyards, and the family’s dedication to making fine wines.

  • From selling grapes to home winemakers during prohibition in order to keep the vineyards going,
  • to growing a small base of business during the 1930s and 1940s,
  • to the second generation joining their father: son John becoming winemaker in 1948 followed by Jim in 1955 as sales director,
  • to 1963 when the winery was officially purchased by John and Jim from their father,
  • to growing the line of wines in the 1960s with vineyard expansion and diversification,
  • to the boom time of the 1970s and 1980s along with many changes and additions to our sales base including national sales and export,
  • the third generation coming on board and vineyard replanting in the 1990s
  • to the 21st century refining our focus to restaurants and casual dining/meet-up wine bars and independent wine shops across the nation.
  • to the transfer of ownership of the company to the third generation (now a 70% woman owned company with a woman winemaker!)
  • to the second decade in the new millenium where the fourth generation is coming up the ranks…
  • Nine decades strong, we are still family owned and operated.It all adds up to tradition, heritage and a family of wines you can enjoy with confidence.

Bryn Mawr is a Welsh name that roughly translates to “High Hill.” Ranging from 650-890 feet on the Western crest of the Eola-Amity Hills, elevation is the distinctive characteristic of our site. As one of the steepest, rockiest, and windiest sites in the Willamette Valley, just a hundred yards can have a massive impact on sun and wind exposure, soil type and depth. We have multiple volcanic soil series striated throughout the property and quite the range of aspects, from true East to true West. Even though our vineyard is small, our block-to-block variation can be as great as entire regions!

One thing that has become clear to us is just how different our site is than others in the Willamette Valley. Directly to our West lies the Van Duzer corridor, a mountain pass in the Coast Range that acts as a massive wind tunnel for the rest of the state to receive cool ocean winds on hot summer days. We regularly see temperatures 5-7 degrees lower and winds much stronger than areas just 500 feet below us. As a result, our vines are a bit more stressed and slow-growing than those of our neighbors. Cool vintages bring us white knuckles in the fall, as our grapes often need an extra few weeks to achieve full ripeness and winter rains loom on the forecast. The payoff comes in warm vintages, when we are able to maintain acidity and verve with above-average hang time.

The early days of Bryn Mawr Vineyards were slow-going and exceedingly hands-on. Rachel lived onsite in the restored trailer with her now-husband Liam and put her training on site selection to work as she chose what to plant and where. With 4 acres of mostly Pinot Noir to build from, she formed a plan to maximize the potential of our vineyard. Not only did she need to learn how to deal with the extremities of our intense site, but three of her first four vintages also proved very tough years for Oregon wine. The home on the property had to be gutted to its frame while its basement was an active winery. The little wine she and Jon were able to make in those first vintages was stunning, but with only 500 cases produced per year, survival was far from guaranteed. Rachel admits she had her doubts, but Temperance Hill just across the street was her favorite vineyard in Oregon, and being able to see it every day assured her that great wine was just waiting to be made here.

While you need great grapes to make fantastic wine, you also need great people.  Ottimino has successfully produced fine zinfandels for so long due to the people that have put their hearts and souls into perfecting every step of the winemaking process.  From growing and harvesting the grapes to making and bottling the wine, we here at Ottimino are proud of our combined heritage that brings these great wines to you.



We are fortunate to offer such a diverse portfolio of estate-produced wines. Ultimately, we let the estate decide which varietals are best suited for each of the microclimates on our property. The intricacy of this landscape provides a perfect backdrop for a range of varietals to thrive, each handpicked as an ideal match for the estate terroir. As a result, we focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Blanc for our white wine program, and Cabernet, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Syrah, for our red program not only for specific varietals but also for unique and award-winning red wine blends.

The mission-style architecture of the Estate harkens to Michel-Schlumberger’s European roots while honoring the influence of the Spanish in early California history.


Luminous Hills Vineyard, located in the southwest corner of the Yamhill-Carlton District is a unique high elevation site bearing the typical sedimentary soils of the AVA, as well as a significant area of Jory volcanic soil. These two diverse soil types, along with a variety of carefully selected clones of Pinot Noir, provide diverse components and complex elements to the wines of Luminous Hills.